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Ideapad - Validate your ideas before you bet on them. | Product Hunt

your idea owes you money.

stop burning time & money chasing bad ideas. we help you launch and validate ideas that solve pains of real people and make money even before you ship the MVP.

fueled by the advice from leading founders, creators and indie hackers

inspired by the learnings from

vet your ideas before you bet on them.

and turn those lightbulb moments into something more... tangible, like money πŸ’Έ

landing page under 30 secs

landing page under 30 secs

elegant, sleek, and conversion-driven pages with copy that is optimized to maximize conversions.

find your people

find your people

a step-by-step marketing hub to show your idea to the world and get your first 100 ppl

validate with paying customers

integrate Stripe, Gumroad, or Lemon Squeezy to start accepting pre-orders and offer early access deals

no complex dashboards & jargon

we simplify tracking your success – see at a glance what's working, how many are engaging and your earnings.

meaningful ai, no gimmicks.

create engaging content, understand customers, quicker insights, summarise user research calls and more.

built for creators & side-hustlers

no-code tools have made building easier than ever before, making validation and distribution critical.

we ensure you're pursuing the right idea efficiently

and that your cost of failure remains zero.

we keep it simple. all your insights and signals under one score.

we use ai in workflows only when it saves you actual time and effort.

you'll be guided at every step and we've put extra care for beginners.

we've built ideapad on methods proven to work

backed and endorsed by our favourite builders (and yours too)

why should you validate? 🀷

building apps has been simplified like never before in the ai era, but here’s the catch: since it’s so easy to create something, making sure it works well (that’s validation for you) and gets to the right people (yep, distribution!) is more important than ever before.

why use ideapad? why pay for it? πŸ’Ά

ideapad was born out of the wisdom and insights from top founders, entrepreneurs, creators, and advice from YC. we’ve even got ai integrated in the workflows that will bring real impact, covering everything you need for the fastest path to idea validation. imagine cutting down your validation time to just two weeks – that’s what we offer! your early access fee not only supports Ideapad’s evolution based on your feedback but also earns you some extra good karma along the way.

but is it really for you? yes it is.

we built it for everyone at any stage of their journeys. if you’re a creator – you can gauge your audience’s interest by offering pre-orders and see what sticks, then build it. its a perfect match for the serial makers and side-hustlers with way too many ideas but limited hours in a day. we want y’all to save more time and make more money. chase the right thing.

we want you to be the first to try us

we're limiting our beta to 25 seats and you get to lock in the discounted pricing for the rest of the year.

Save 80%


$14 / 3 months

we're creating a product you'll adore, just like you want your customers to love yours. come on board for early access and shape our roadmap!

  • unlimited ideas
  • connect pages with your custom domains
  • 50 published pages
  • 20+ integrations
  • priority support
  • join our mastermind group with more builders
  • lock your discount for the entire year
  • cancel anytime
  • money back guarantee

there's a no-questions asked money back guarantee, anytime you want.

clarity before you commit.

let's solve real pains and make your ideas win in the real world. be the first to hop on board with us in the pursuit of chasing our goal to turn more ideas into epic successes!

3 months of unlimited usage at $14 & continue enjoying the discounted pricing for a year.